F2f Class Notes 8th March (Rab)


I had sick – I was sick

I had an illness, disease

Poison – is something you eat and it hurts you or kills you
Food poisoning – getting I’ll because of eating bad foodd

Upset – to make something/someone sad or not happy, Ill, sick
Ex. I had an upset stomach because I ate too much spicy food
Ex. Don’t upset your sister!

Sichuan hot pot – the soup based meal that you have to cook the stuff as you eat – huoguo

Fire pan
Hot pot

It is a kind of food to enrich the flavour

Flavour – how something tastes
Ex. I like strong flavours like mutton and stinky tofu
Ex. The street food has a strong taste, however, I hate the flavour

Plural – more than one

What is the plural of orange? = oranges

What can you eat to keep healthy?
– eat orange – you can eat oranges – make a full sentence

Ripe – ready to eat
Ex. We must wait until the bananas become ripe as they are too green now
Ex. Mangos are much more tasty when they are ripe

The dark apples are dryer than the ones usual – I usually get

I don’t like to running because it is very tired – I don’t like running because it is very tiring

It is hard to me – I think it is hard

If you running – if you are running

Regular (regularly) – stable and happens again and again in the same way
Ex. I go to this restaurant on a regular basis
Ex. I have a regular exercise plan which makes me fit
Ex. I regularly go to this restaurant

Irregular – unstable and doesn’t happen in the same way often
Ex. The VPN connection is irregular
Ex. I am sad about the irregularity of our meetings

To regulate – to make something regular, to control something
Ex. I find it hard to regulate my breathing when I am running
Ex. I try to regulate my balance in yoga practice