F2F Class Notes 8th January (Tony)


The temperature will be between 1 and 10 degrees.

just two locations

China’s 2018 world cup hopes hit with recent draw.

ios is very limiting

the thing is – use thing, if you can’t think of the perfect word for it

eg: “I used to like exercising, but the thing is, the gym is full of annoying people.”

a draw – a tie in a game, where the score is equal on both sides

eg: “The game was a draw, at 20-20.”


I don’t want you to cook for me. (grammar in this is unclear, whether it is only once, or usually or always. We can’t be sure which one.)

I don’t want you cooking for me. (Continuous tense, the grammar is more clear that the meaning is for usually or always)


Look up lyrics to Shabazz Palaces songs.