F2f Class Notes 7th March (Rab)

Stage fright – getting nervous because of being on stage

Effort – to use energy to do something (effortless)
Ex. They made a big effort to get here

Ex. It take a lot of effort to learn a new instrument

Ex. I made a big effort to include everyone in the annual dinner

Very tired – exhausted

It is very smoothly – it went really smoothly

Commend (verb) and commendation (noun)
Ex. We were highly commended
Ex. We were given a high commendation

Because we did not spoken English all the time – because we had not spoken English the whole time

Straight forward – easiest, most direct
Ex. It was the most straight forward way to do things

Interaction (noun) interactive (adjective) – being involved with, communication back and forth, engaging with something
Ex. We like to promote interaction with our users by talking over wechat
Ex. I have a lot of interaction with my students as I hate to see blank faces not understanding anything

Blank face – no expression, no understanding

Mask – something worn on the face often to change the identity

Peacock – a bird with a wonderful coloured tail

Let the audience to clap – prompt the audience to clap

Frustrating – the feeling of not being able to do something you want to
Ex. It is really frustrating to be late but the metro is so busy
Ex. No one enjoyed the evening so I was feeling very frustrated