F2F Class Notes 7th March (Celeste)

criminal – (crim in ul) someone or something who does bad things

Ex: That man saw a criminal on his way to the office.

mayor – (may er) president/leader of a town or city

Ex: In this movie the lion is the mayor of the town.

deputy mayor – 2nd in command/in charge to the mayor

Ex: The sheep was the deputy mayor.

The sheep want to do the mayor. – The sheep wants to be the mayor.

To be: She wants to be a manager in this company. He wants to be in charge of us.

carnivore – (car niv or) an animal or person that eats meat

Ex: I’m a carnivore.

poison – (poi sin)  to make someone or something eat or smell or inject deadly chemicals

Ex: The killer poisoned his wife.

rabbit – (raB BIT)

jail – ( JAY ul) the place keep the criminals

Ex: She is still in jail.

innocent – (in nuh sent) you are not guilty, you did not do the bad thing

Ex: I think he is innocent of the crime.