F2F class notes 7th June (christian)

where would your dream place to perform be?
In newyork city
Why NYC?
Because new york city has a lot of artists that have inspired me, and it would be cool to be around that environment and feed off the energy of the Big apple.
Feed off= to take it, to use/ motivates you
Eg: I love performing with an energetic crowd, I can feed off of their energy!
Eg:I love going to places outside of the city so that I can feed off the fresh air, it makes me feel more alive.
Maybe 20 person= maybe 20 people
Motivation: The desire to do something
Eg: I don’t need any motivation to dance, I just do it.
Eg: lf I had more motivation I would practice more.
To play= To have fun
Arkham Myst

There is also a gay club full of western guys called 360 degreesI think so worth checking out.