F2F Class Notes 7th December (Celeste)***

Writing exercise

Next class: Edit the writing below.


Mercy and Reyes had a suspicious talk about when Reyes was dead on the battlefield, Mercy revied him and he killed her.
Maybe he afraid of Mercy tell her team members he was not dead , so he killed her.Let us talk about Reyes(AKA Azrael).
OW have a team member, his name is MORRISON(AKA soldier76). Reyes was his friend for a long time.They were OW’s secret service. They do some intelligence tasks. Reyes envy 76 because he think 76 is more important for OW. Everybody’s cheer always for 76. Because some reasons , some people started criticizing OW and Reyes. Reyes is a arrogant people,he couldn’t bear this situation. So Reyes tried to kill 76 but 76 did not die. This time, OW divide two power. Reyes’s team “Talon” and OW.


delicious – very very tasty

What grade are you in? = What year in school are you in?

Q: Did you win or did you lose while playing LOL?

A: I won while playing LOL. / I lost while playing LOL.

team n. – group of people that play sports or work together

girl band / boy band n. – group of people who sing and dance together

band / orchestra n. – group of people who play instruments together

choir ( k-wire ) n. – group of people who sing together

That stinks! / That sucks! = expression that means “How awful!” or “How sad!” or “That’s fun, that’s no good!”

What are you crazy about?

I’m crazy about animation and playing games.

We cook meats and vegetables and we bake cakes, biscuits and bread.

Every weekend I will come back/return to SH.

roommate n. – person who shares a room with you

housemate n. – person who lives in the same house as you

What do you want to do when you grow up?

I want to be a pianist.

I don’t really like my current school. =  I don’t really like  my school now.

eg. Currently, we are in SE.

eg. Currently, we are having a class for English.

medic – sb who treats the hurt people on a battlefied

eg. In OW, Mercy is a medic.

come back to life = revive

objective – sb’s work/goal

death – noun

eg. In OW, a hero named Hazon kills his brother. His brother’s death makes me very sad.

die / dying / died / will die – verb

eg. Does anyone die in OW?

dead –  adj

eg. The brother is dead.

push = convince/persuade

eg. My friend persuaded me to learn Japanese.

semester – a part of a school year. eg: “Our first semester starts in August 2016 and our second semester starts in February 2017.”