F2F Class Notes 7th April (Jesse)

RSVP – to say how many people will come

eg. he will RSVP later

advertising – guang gao

eg. there is a lot of advertising on TV

project – an organised work

product – a thing you buy (a service / thing)

organised = zu zhi

N = en

physical fight – fist fight – cat fight (girls only)

eg. it often turns into a physical fight when alcohol is involved (when people are drunk)

northerners / people from the north / northern people 

eg. people from the north are often loud and confident

they speak their mind / they tell you what they think / they’re straight forward

racist / sexist

eg. black people are all dirty = racist

eg2. jewish people are all careful with money = racist

eg3. chinese people are all good at maths = racist

race = where you’re from

sex = gender = male/female

start their own business – zi ji kai de gong si

eg. i started my own business a few years ago

haven’t moneydon’t have any money / i have no money 

lend you money = give you a loan