F2F Class Notes 7 June (Peter)


I want a training to Japan – I want to travel/I want to take a trip to Japan.

I haven’t been to the Australia – I haven’t been to Australia.

She has go there for college – She went there for college.

My college is law- My College major was law.

Change student – Exchange student

Why you can free in the college? – How come you go to college for free? How did you get your scholarship?

After he graduate he work finance – After he graduated he went into finance.

It demands you math is very strong – It demands strong math skills.

Not many accent – No strong accent

Most of the mistakes is grammar- Most of my mistakes are grammatical.

The people is very friendship – The people are very friendly.

I think Sichuan is very better – I think Sichuan is even better.

Have you went to – Have you gone to

You have been to China first year – It is your first year in China

After you’re have class you should do exercise* – After you have class, you have a lot of homework.

            *Note – the word “exercises” should not be used for take-home assignments

Do some ready for the class – Do some preparation/Prepare

Review the last class materials – Review the materials from the last class

How many times is your quiz? – How long does the quiz take?



Biology – the study of living things, 生物学

Physics – the study of forces, 物力

Tuition – the cost to go to school, 学费

Scholarship – money that someone gives you so you don’t have to pay tuition 助学金

Economics – the study of the economy, 经济

Austria – a European country above Italy, 奥地利

Grammatical – something about grammar (adj)

Ex. She makes many grammatical mistakes.

Intense – to a high degree, extreme

Ex. Today’s weather is too intense to go outside.

Quiz – small test, short examination

Elementary School – the school before middle school

Undergraduate – first four years in college, pre-graduate


Do you know what a [noun] is? (Do you know what [noun] means?)


Biology (bye-AW-luh-jee)

Physics (FIH-ziks)

Tuition (too-IH-shin)

Scholarship (SCAW-lur-ship)

Intense (in-TENTS)

Preparation (preh-purr-AYE-shin)

Quiz (kwiz)