F2f Class Notes 6th March (Rab)

I have a friend, we always call him a pig because we think he has a pig brain
– I have a pig brain friend who we always call him pig
– one of my acquaintances is often preffered to as a pig as he constantly thinks about them
-I have a friend who does something like a pig ,so we call him pig man
-I know a guy who is obsessed with comparing things with pigs so we compare him as well

Our friends always use the word pig to describe him

When I was a child I didn’t know what money was but I felt very happy
– I had no idea about the value of money when I was young
– I didn’t have money when I was a child so I didn’t care about it and was always content without it
– I was a happy child and had no knowledge of the importance of money

When I grew up I saw my friend and his family had a lot of money but his parents were divorced
– I watched my friends parents get divorced even though (despite) they had a lot of money when we were young

Split up – means to separate

Their divorced reason was about money – the reason they divorced was because of money

Does not make me very no happy – does not make me very sad

The social is development everyday – society develops everyday

Contemporary – right now, at the same time as
Ex. In contemporary life we have a lot of stress and competition
Ex. A contemporary of his was Albert Einstein ( someone who was alive at the same time as)