F2F Class Notes 6th July (Peter)


You come to Family Mart often – do you go to Family Mart often

If we became good relationship – If we become good friends

It depends on the money you have to pay – it determines how much you have to pay                                                                                                  

Are there any meaning – is there any meaning?

In somewhere of China – In some places in China

The water couldn’t be drunk, it’s poisonable – The water is not drinkable

Ring (talking about a necklace) – Chain (talking about a necklace)

There was so money people – there were so many people

He’s higher than you – he’s taller than you

You look blacker now – you look darker now



Bulky – large and uncomfortable to carry

Ex. I prefer to only carry paper money because I think coins are too bulky.

Piggy Bank – a pig-shaped, coin-collecting jar*

*Note: even if it’s not actually in the shape of a pig, you can call it a piggy bank. For example, I bought a cat shaped piggy bank!

Clear – colorless, transparent

Ex. I have a clear piggy bank!

Jewelry – body decoration made of any material, usually precious metals or stones.*

*Note: We do not use the plural form of this word (没有 jewelries).

Turban – a piece of cloth wrapped around the head

Refugee – 难民

Lesbian – a homosexual woman


The adjective form of poison is poisonous.


The phrase exact change means “exact amount;” for example, if my bill is 10.50 yuan, I have exactly 10.50 yuan.



Risen (RIH-zin)

Tattoo (taa-TOO)