F2F Class Notes 6th August (Ben)

Which kind of premises do you live in?
I live in an old house.

I noticed.
I hadn’t noticed you wore glasses.

wear / wore / worn

I have worn glasses for more than twenty years.

When you DON’T wear glasses, DO you wear contact lenses?
I can’t stand them.

Body lotion 沐浴露
hair lotion 润发露
shampoo 洗发露

SomeTHING is tirING, exciTING, interestING, borING
I was tired, excited, interested, bored.

more far -> further

Your Chinese is pretty good.
You speak Chinese pretty well.

How did you make it?
make it = succeed
To some exTENT

Why do you police officers see everyone in the world as bad?

a rhetorical question
in the morning
in the afternoon
in the evening
at night