F2F Class Notes 6 June (Peter)


To move the cargo – To move cargo

I like travel – I like to travel

I have two trips a year – I go on two trips a year

I have gone to America two years ago* – I went to America two years ago.

*Note – when you say “I have been/gone/went to,” you cannot say when you went.

Ex. You cannot say “I have been to America two years ago.” You can say “I have been to America” OR “I have been to America before”

West of America* – Western America/the west of America

*Note – saying “west of America” means you are talking about a place that is not in America.

Ex. The Pacific Ocean is west of America.

Next time I will be there* – Next time I will go there.

From last week my office was moved to downtown – Last week, my office moved downtown.

I did not drive from last week – I have not driven since last week.

If you haven’t a Shanghai license – If you don’t have a Shanghai license plate



A stable income – a guaranteed income

Dependable – able to depend on

To go on a trip – to travel

Ex. I went on a trip to China OR I traveled to China.

Rule of thumb – general rule

Ex. As a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t spit in people’s faces.

Spit – 吐口水

Phlegm – 痰

Sticker – 粘纸

License plate – the metal plate that shows a car’s number


Using the verb “To go”

I go to America often.

Last year, I went two times.

Using the verb “To be”

Therefore, I have been to America.


Vietnam (vee-et-NAWM)

Went (“E” as in “egg”)

Been (bin)