F2F Class Notes 5th July (Peter)


Some kind of busy – kind of busy

If I offends you will you beats me – If I offend you, will you beat me
You just watch your phone – you just look at your phone

Coasted – coastal

It’s not as popular in Japan than China – It’s not as popular in Japan as in China

English-speaker Country – English-Speaking Country


Spanish – the Spanish language, someone from Spain

Hispanic – someone from a Spanish-speaking country

Latino – someone from Central America, South America, or the Hispanic Caribbean

Offend – to hurt someone’s feelings

Defend – to protect

Measure Tape – a long piece of fabric or paper used to measure the lengths of unusually shaped objects (usually used for clothes)

Tape Measure – a hard, metal measuring tape usually used for construction*

*Note: nobody truly cares (or knows) about the difference between these two `    things, so you are safe to assume that you ca use them interchangeably.


Conjugate – to adjust a verb for different subjects

Ex. I/you/we/they read, he/she reads.


Flip-Flops can be referred to as thongs (AUS), slops (S.Africa), or jandals (NZ)