F2F Class Notes 5th July (Celeste)

New Sentences/Vocabulary

Have you ever gone to _____?
Have you ever been to _____?

in the last 2 days

eg. It has been raining a lot in the last 2 days.

over the last 2 days

eg. Over the last 2 days, I went shopping.

Did you have insurance?
medical insurance – we pay money to an insurance company to have them pay for our medical bills, medicines, treatments
warranty / extended support / product insurance – we pay money to have an insurance company pay for replacements, fees

boats can: sail (sale), glide (gl eye d) (moving)
eg. The boat was sailing.
eg. The boat is gliding smoothly across the water.

float (stationary)
eg. The boats are floating in the dock.

Do you go to the gym? / Do you exercise?

Tron Legacy = Disney movie inspired by a video game

rides = rollercoaster, ferriswheel
eg. We ride rides at Disneyland.

motion sickness – when you feel sick in your stomach/head from moving

autograph (sb famous) = signature (business related/daily use)


Unfortunately, I lost my phone in last month after I gone to the Disneyland.

Unfortunately, I lost my phone last month the day after I went to the Disneyland.

It can makes your skin flawless, too.
It can make your skin flawless, too.

There’s a movie talk about pirates.
There’s a movie about pirates.

I think if it’s less sweet then I’m going to like it.
I think if it was less sweet then I would have liked it.