F2F Class Notes 5th January (Jesse)

financial work / chinese company / 1 year / doesn’t often use English / 3 times a week F2F / 2 emails a week after first month. 


“I don’t know how to express it” / “I don’t know how to say that”

express – biao da – v

pressure – ya li – n

stress – n / adj
eg. I have too much stress in my life
eg2. I am too stressed

i did a project about a fund

how often? – once every 2 weeks / every 2 weeks for 2 days

I did this because I had to do / needed to do / wanted to do

Let me think about it / let me see – xiang yi xiang

Speaking exercise

Today i woke up early because i needed to go to the hospital to grab some medicine because I caught a cold. After completing that, I went to work immediately as I would have been / was going to be late. my boss came back so we were very busy (even busier than normal). today i did a lot of work about projects and talked to my clients about a fund project.


because / as
but / though / however 
and / also 

I am going to work tomorrow = I will go to work tomorrow
I am going to work = (now) I am going to work