F2F Class Notes 5 June (Peter)


Abstraction – Acronym

Ex. CRA is an acronym that stands for “Clinical Research Associate.”
I responsible for something – I’m responsible for something.

Bad feels – Bad feelings

Sometimes people may tired of only one things – Sometimes people get tired of doing the same thing.

My first job is do some tests in a laboratory – My first job was to do tests in a laboratory.

I’ve been in the field from my graduation – I’ve been in the field since I graduated.

I could slept-in until the afternoon – I could sleep-in until the afternoon.

All of the students need to have the test at the same time – All of the students need to take the test at the same time.

I saw a picture in the WeChat which my friend send it – I saw a picture that my friend posted on WeChat.

This building is always appear in film – This building always appears in films.



Acronym – a combination of letters that means something

Campus – 校园

To sleep in* – to sleep past normal hours

Ex. Today I slept-in until 2:00PM.

*Note, sometimes we can add “in” to a regular verb to show that someone is not leaving their house.

Ex. Let’s eat in instead of going to a restaurant (let’s cook and eat at home).

Ex. Let’s stay in instead of going out (let’s watch a movie).

Isolated – alone, near nothing


Clinical (CLI-nih-kil)

Research (REE-surtch)

Associate (uh-SO-she-ut)

Acronym (ACK-row-nim)

Lane (layn)

Alley (AL-ee, “A” as in “apple”)