F2F Class Notes 4th March (Tony)

Difference Between Wish and Hope:

wish  – can be more commonly used for past tense or regrets

eg: “I wish I would have talked to them sooner.” “I wish I hadn’t lost my shoes.” “I wish I was taller.”

hope – is more commonly used for future wants

eg: “I hope I’ll get a raise soon.” “I hope your mother gets better.” “They could only hope that someone would find them.”

raise V. – to lift something higher

eg: “I raised my cup.” “Raise your hand if you know the answer.”

raise N. – a raise in salary, getting paid more

eg: “We have a planned salary raise for employees who contribute to the company.”

likely – has a good chance to happen

eg: “It is likely that it will rain tonight.” “It’s likely there will be so many people in that restaurant we are going to.” “It will likely be crowded.” “It will likely be moved to another place.”

Student’s Questions:

Q: Is it a formality to sign your name in the guestbook at a party?

A: Signing the guestbook is just a formality, it’s really not necessary.

Q: Are you jealous that I can speak good Mandarin?

A: I don’t know, are you jealous that I can speak good English?

Q: Is it tiring for you to teach English?

A: It’s not really tiring, but it depends on how many classes I have in one day.