F2F Class Notes 4th March (Tony)


I grew out of having a doll when I was sleeping.

we will use this article to make questions

compensation –  something given because something was done. salary is a kind of compensation

eg: “Their compensation was over $300,000.”

pension – a retirement savings account

eg: “Police officers usually get a good pension.”

sustain – to keep doing something      sustainable, unsustainable

eg: “They can’t sustain that growth forever.”

perspective – point of view, how you see things.

eg: “From my perspective as a parent it seems like they are taking money away from schools.”

liable – legally responsible

eg: “The store wasn’t liable for his accident, because they put out a sign to watch out for the glass door.”

Student’s Questions:

Q: From your perspective, do you think the firefighter’s compensation is too much?

A: I think it’s a little high, but the demand for that kind of worker is very high.

Q: Whose point of view do you support, Weir or Meyer?

A: I guess I support Weir’s point of view, because that amount of overtime work is unsustainable for a physically demanding job.