F2f Class Notes 4th March (Rab)

The spring has finally sprung

Spring – the season of spring

A spring – a metal spiral shaped object that bounces
Ex. We have a type of spring that is attached to a ball and let’s it return back to you once you have thrown it

Wobble – the action of moving around like liquid but a solid – unstable
Ex. This jelly is very wobbly
Ex. My tummy is really wobbly
Ex. A spring can be wobbly

Jelly – a dessert that is like a clear soft plastic

Tummy – is a cute word of belly

Bounce – the action of hitting against something and going in a new direction
Ex. If you throw a ball hard against the ground it will bounce again and again
Ex. I think my son is quite like a ball as when you push him he bounces strongly

Reward system

Incentive – a reward which is worked towards
Ex. We need an incentive to make us work harder

You will touch them first – you will contact them first