F2F Class Notes 4th July (Celeste)

I spy with my little eye something…
in the sky
on the ground

1. something pink
A. Is it the… flowers? Yes!
Jerry 1 – Celeste 0

2. something red
A. is it the tent? Yes!
Jerry 1 – Celeste 1

3. something round (like a ball, circle, pizza)
Is it the umbrella? no
Is it grey? no
Is it the fountain? Yes.

Jerry 2 – Celeste 1

fountain = pool of water where sometimes the water shoots up into the sky, sometimes you can find fountains in parks

4. something red
is it big? maybe
is it bigger than a car? yes
is it a building? no
is it a bridge? no
A. it is a sign!
Jerry 3 – Celeste 1

bridge = where people walk or cars drive to go over a river or another street