F2F Class Notes 4th February (Jesse)

cartoons – tv show for kids that has moving pictures

i dont know what “cartoons” means / what does cartoons mean?

what does eventually mean?

eventually – finally / after a long time

eg. i didn’t think it would rain yesterday, but it did rain eventually

i can’t stand = i hate = i’m sick of (do too much)

eg. i can’t stand the air in China

main food

eg. what is the main food that westerners eat?

westerners = xi wang ren

day of the week = any day between monday and sunday

no matter what day of the week it is.

considerate = caring of others

eg. he’s not very considerate

headed up/down/over to sb’s house – go to / go in the direction of

eg. I’m going to head to the shops but I’ll buy some food on the way

such as A + B + C

for example __________.