F2F Class Notes 4 Mar (Trista)

If I don’t something to do – if I don’t have something to do

To on vacation – to go on vacation

Part time jobs – less than ~35 hours per week

Full time jobs – more than ~35 hours per week

Different with now – different from now / different than now

Technology – tek nol oh gee

Three – practice the TH sound!


Said – sed



Thief – thEEf



Underwater – below the water / completely in the water

I think living underwater we can saw beautiful things there.

I think if we live underwater we can see beautiful things there, but the ocean will be destroyed.

A lot of fish will not home / don’t have home –

Humans take a lot of resources from animals.

Very dangerous than living underwater – more dangerous than living underwater

More ______ than ______

Grab – take with your hands