F2F Class Notes 3rd May (Celeste)

Review 4/17:

We talked used in English.

always talk use the Englishalways talks in English / using English / always speaks English

stressful (adj) – things that are hard and make you feel pressure

My job is stressful.

When, I have a lot of homework it makes me stress.

I have a big project that I am working on. I am stressed. – present

I had a big project that I was working on. I was stressed. – past

Remember: with some verbs we add ‘ed’ to show the past tense.

I played. I showed.

tiring – things that are hard and make you feel tired

My job is tiring.

I am tired. / I was tired.

It will break. – future

It breaks. – simple present

It’s breaking. – present continuous

It’s broken. – past tense

The plate is broken.