F2F Class Notes 3rd March (Jesse)

stress (n) / (v) – a bad feeling from a lot of pressure

stressed (adj)

stress sb out

eg. i was very stressed for those 4 months and i stressed Judy out as well.

experience – “ecks peer ree yence” 

no any experience I don’t have any experience

haven’t – done

don’t have – thing

eg. I haven’t been to Australia

eg2. I don’t have any money

threatening (adj)

eg. you don’t look threatening

can – you’re allowed to / you can

focus on your study workfocus on your studies / focus on studying.

cultural difference

eg. that is the key/main cultural difference between china and the west

china and the west (countries)

westerners / foreigners (people)

every day the teacher asked them to listen

i lived in japan for 1 year = i don’t live there now

i have lived in japan for 1 year = in your life, you did it for 1 year