F2F Class Notes 3rd Aug (Harmony)

Language of Korea – Korean

It’s very tired – it’s very tiring/exhausting


I had never seenI had ever seen

Sledding/tobogganing:  sliding down a snow covered hill on a plastic/wooden sled.

Snowboarding:  stand on a plastic board and go very fast down a snow covered hill.

Snow ball fight:  when you make snow balls and throw it at your friends.

Hail:  frozen rain/balls of ice fall from the sky.

Eg.  The hail went down last yearit hailed last year

“it’s raining cats and dogs”

tornado:  extreme weather/wind that starts on land.  Usually forms a funnel shape.

A Tan: when you get darker skin.

Go tanning:  go lay in the sun to get darker.

Foundation:  liquid makeup.

Eg.  The number one foundationthe lightest foundation.

Blush:  red/pink powder or cream to make you look more alive. (usually for your cheeks)

Blush your earsput blush on your ears

Crooked teeth:  teeth that aren’t straight across.