F2F Class Notes 31st March (Celeste)

We memorize facts.

We remember our ancestors.

Tomb Sweeping Holiday

cemetery ( sem i tary ) – the place where people are buried in the ground

tomb ( toom) – the place where people are buried usually above ground

Ex: Ancient Egyptian kings were laid to rest in tombs.

ancestors – your great great great grandparents ( if you have not met them and they are deceased,they probably are your ancestors)

Ex: My ancestors built our hometown.

former ( for merrr)

We will take three days off this weekend from Saturday to next Monday. So, I was just wondering if I can take classes during these days.

It is too late to take the class.

This is a small place.

too small/big(other sizes) of something – referring to a place

There’s too small of a  place to bury them.

This restaurant is too small of a venue for our reunion.

Our school is too big of a place for our party.

This is too beautiful of a girl.  –  She is too beautiful of a girl.

I’m not confident with my pronunciation.

I was at the park today because there was a flower festival.

was (wuz)

park ( p r k)

because ( b cuz ) becarz