F2F Class Notes 31st July (Ben)

I booked a car on/through Uber.
The driver spent time picking up another passenger.
I didn’t estimate my time correctly. So I was late. (don’t forget the verb)
spend time DOING
This morning, I spent 2 hours exercising.
GO jogging
First, I went jogging
Then, I did half an hour of yoga
Finally, I swam for 40 minutes
swim / swam / swum
time: FOR
share – We shared a car.
has another APP –> 主语 + 动词 There is another app called Didi
Didi also have -> has a function THAT allows you to to book a car in advance.
Uber and Didi are useful apps (plural).

They are cheaper than regular taxis.
There is more cheaper –> It is cheaper
It is really cheaper, way cheaper, much cheaper than regular taxis.
This is not a taxi service, this is carpooling.
There is –> There are taxi drivers complaining. There is a man walking outside, there are trees moving, there are children playing.
Most of the time, if you put 2 verbs together, the 2nd one will be in -ing (gerund)
eg. I go running, I spend time learning English, I go shopping, I like fishing, I like swimming
There are a few exceptions: eg. to help someone DO
This will help me remember.

In my mind, the 2 activities WERE together (plural). I didn’t want to waste time, I wanted to keep them together.
I thought I could kill two birds with one stone.
think / thought / thought