F2F Class Notes 30th May (Jesse)

question – ask sb sth  / problem – not good thing 

ying dao – guide 

eg. i hope my teacher 

tui hua – getting worse 

i want to have more classes this month to fill the time i lost before. 

make up for last month 



young child 

if i have time to write 

recently i felt pressure. the pressure is from my family. they want me to get pregnant as soon as possible. but i told them you want me to get pregnant but what you want is not what you will get. 

but they said you can have a vacation because you have a long time to have a vacation with your husband, and if you have a good feeling during your vacation maybe you will get pregnant asap. 

but i didn’t want to talk with them anymore because they don’t know me. i just think it’s up to god. i just want to make myself healthy and have a good mood. 

i like the content 

content = the things in the show / the things that the show is about

i like what the show is about 

the show is about something