F2F Class Notes 30th May (Daniel)

How have you been?

It’s been great.

We are just start. – We are just starting out.

Personality – a person’s characteristic, such as nice, friendly

Indulge – give a child whatever he/she want

How to handle difficult kids.There are a lot of difficult kids in preschool or kindergarten. One kind of kids who are lonely only enjoys doing something by themselves. It is a big problem for teachers. I had one kid like that in my class before and he just did everything by himself and liked hitting others. I learnt from his parents this kid is the king of his family, he can get anything he wants. So I told his parents they must be a good example of sharing food, emotions in front of the kid, so this kid can imitate and develop a good personality. In class, I also did the same thing for this kid and the other kids and I showed him how to share and bond. He got better after that.