F2F Class Notes 30th March (Jesse)

tie your hair – put your hair up 

wear your hair out – put your hair down 

leverage (n) – something you have that is useful / gives you an advantage 

leverage (v) – to make use of something that you have

eg. this company leverages my relationship with Judy to allow us to improve our business in China

eg2. I have 7 years of experience teaching English and I believe I can leverage this ability to improve this company

when it matters the most

this is the best time to make our promise of being “the best human resource” because we are supporting our colleagues at the time that the support is the most meaningful to them.

what better way to make your friends happy than by buying them a dinner on their birthday.

unwavering – forever remaining stable

eg. my belief is wavering / starting to become unstable


eg. i will see you at 6pm tomorrow, otherwise, I will let you know.

pun – a joke based on a double meaning