F2F Class Notes 2nd March (Raph)


Window shopping (v): 1- to just look around the shop / mall, without buying anything.
E.g.: Yesterday I went window shopping at West Nanjing Road.

Shop Window (n): 1- the window in front of a shop, where products are displayed.
E.g.: They just put Christmas Decorations on all shop windows of West Nanjing Road.

Delivery (n): 1- the act of taking goods, letters, parcels, etc. to people’s houses or places of work.
E.g.: Please send this letter by express delivery.

So far (id): 1- until now.
E.g.: So far, only two Democrats have entered the race for governor.

District (n): 1-  an area of a country or city.
E.g.: Amy living in Changning District.

Q: How long does it take to ____________?
A: It takes ________.


(Original – Edited)

I just bring it give you look. – I just brought it to show it to you.

I come here almost spend 20 minutes. – It takes me almost 20 minutes to come / get here.


Police: /pəˈliːs/

Policy: /ˈpɑː.lə.si/

Shopaholic: /ˌʃɑː.pəˈhɑː.lɪk/