F2F Class Notes 2nd January (Tony)

falls on – 

15th falls on a sunday. so because the 15th falls on a sunday, our actual deadline is the 13th.

so we move the day off (vacation day, holiday) to monday or friday

company dinner

we don’t take any new appointments before spring festival

if you don’t comply with the rule, you won’t get punished. because the restaurant has no right to punish you

i don’t take any meetings before the holiday


imply implied v.–  to say something without words, indirectly

implied adj. 

it implies that / it is implied that…

Can you give me the phone? (Person probably has a phone) (It is implied that you have a phone)

Can you get me the phone? (Person probably needs to go get a phone and then give it).

My employee told me a lot of bosses give out a huge Christmas bonus. I said, are you implying we don’t give out a good bonus?

you scratch my back, i’ll scratch yours – is implying that if you do something for me, i’ll do something for you.


ubiquitous – you be quit us

Writing exercise

If you say __________ in Chinese. It is implying that ___________ .

hua she tian zu                                            you overdid it/ you are overdoing it / to overdo it

it’s very difficult to do something and there are a lot of expenses      you want someone to give you money