F2F Class Notes 2nd February (Jesse)

most of people in China most people in china

have passion to this jobhave passion for the job 

enthusiasm (n) / enthusiastic (adj)

you’re very social 

good people skills – sb who’s good at communicating

eg. i have good people skills so maybe I’d be a good manager

repeated workmundane / monotonous / repetitive  

fire drill – a test for a real fire procedure

he is a Chinesehe is chinese

attribute / quality 

eg. passion is an important quality for musicians

efficiency (n) / efficient (adj)

you have to can speak english fluentlyto be able to speak

the pressure is largehigh pressure

you just to manage the project qualityjust manage

abstract < > concrete 

out of your powerout of your control / hands 

i will take several months maternity leave i was going to 

year – pr – push on the “y” like “yes”