F2F Class Notes 2nd April (Jesse) – IELTS

tomb sweeping day – qing ming jie

i did nothing in the morningi didn’t do anything this morning 

what? – sorry? / pardon? / what do you mean? 

do you have any friends?

i have some friends

i don’t have any friends

i have no friends

Where are you from? 

I’m from shanghai from a small village in qingpu called jianchang. It’s a place near hongqiao railway station, and it takes about half an hour to get there from the city centre. I think it’s a really poor place and there are many people living there.

What is your favourite food?

My favourite food is vegetables, meat, fruit salad, anything that is healthy. I like this because healthy food is good for our bodies and can make us feel good and strong. I think everyone should eat this as it can keep our bodies healthier forever.

i haven’t planned it – mei you zhun bei hao

when will the ielts test be?

i usually spend my weekends studying IELTS vocabulary and spending a lot of time on sports, because I think English is very important in Shanghai and if I want to find a good job I should have a good command of English. Doing sports can keep our bodies healthy and it can also help us lose weight.

here (the place I am now) / there (another place)

How important is it to have free time on the weekends?

Having free time on the weekends is the most important thing because we can relax and not do too much work. If we don’t have any free time we may feel tired and stressed, but if we can relax we will be in a better mood which is good for us to do more work during the week.

mood = the way you feel

state of mind = the way you think


Did you like your first day of university? Why/why not?

What is your favourite place to be? Why?

How important is it to have a teacher that you like?