F2F Class Notes 29th May (Peter)


High-Speed Train

Ex. It takes 4 hours to travel to Beijing by High-Speed Train.

Similar Words: High-Speed Rail, Bullet Train


Ex. At my company, I work in advertising.

Similar Words: Marketing, Copyright


I live (time phrase) away from here by (transportation).

Ex. I live 1 hour away from here by subway.

It takes (time word) to get to (place) by (transportation).

Ex. I takes 1 hour to get to my family’s house by subway.


Be sure to remember the importance of “to” in a verb.

Ex. I need to work vs. I need work.

In this case, the word “to” makes “to work” a verb. Without “to,” “work” becomes a noun.

“I need to work” meaning: I must go work, I have things to do.

“I need work” meaning: I must find work, I have no job.

Extra information: “to” verbs are called infinitive verbs.

Ex. To work, to eat, to do, to be.