F2F Class Notes 29th May (Lina)

I want to find new job like science –  I want to find a new job in the science field


Grammatical mistakes

The weekend I just stay at home – This weekend I just stayed at home

I stay at home watch tv – I will stay at home to watch TV / I stayed at home and I watched TV

Series –  Game of thrones is a series

Fiction – Made up stories

The storyline of Game Of Thrones is fictive because it Is not based on reality

Storyline –

Season 1, episode 5

I’m currently watching season one of game of thrones but I’ve only gotten to the 5th episode.

I’m watching the series GOT and Im currently on the 5th episode of season 1

Khalesie is a major character in GOT.  / is one of the main characters in GOT


Decapitate – To cut the head of a person  ( De – capitate

Many of the characters in GOT have been decapitated

Slit someone’s throat

I can’t go out my chair – I couldn’t leave the chair

Suits – The series I told you to watch

He’s played is very good – His acting is very good

He played the character of XX very well / he played that part very well

                             Every play/script is made up of characters that all play a part in the story.

Comedy – series or movies that are based on Humor – they are funny

Yes – Yeah

Subtitles – the text in the screen when you watch a movie..