F2F Class Notes 29th March (Jesse)

i rent a room in a house that has 3 rooms. I think the neighbourhood has cats living in harmony with people. The first time I went there and i noticed there were about 5 cats outside. half of the cats there have owners but the other half don’t. At the same time every day the elderly people put some cat food downstairs for cats which want to eat.

i went to a party which made me bored. i bought some / a pair of black shoes that I want to use as my work shoes but the size is too big for me and I will return it.

the shoes i bought are bigger than the shoes i wear

the size of the shoes i bought is bigger than the size of the shoes I wear

the shoes were too big

boring / bored

tiring / tired 

wo zai lou xia – i am downstairs 

wo xia lou – i will go downstairs 

realised = yi shi

noticed = fa xian = found

looked = kan

saw = kao dao

harmony (n) = 2 sounds that play together

harmonious (adj) = very happy and together feeling

do sth in harmony with sth = to do it together and happy

the time you saw it

the first time i did it….

when i first did it….

the time you did it? = when

who saw it = I

what you saw = the thing

eg. When i first arrived, I saw many cats. I was the person who saw the cats. The cats were so cute and happy.