F2F Class Notes 29th July (Ben)

How long have you studied?

I have studied for 4 years.


I work in aN advertising company for 10 years. –> I HAVE WORKED in an advertising company for 10 years.

Yesterday, my father was judged by the law. Now, he is in prison for 10 years.

work /


have worked UNFINISHED 

had worked PAST OF THE PAST
We need to follow-UP and see WHETHER the commercial is on time and on target.

That’s my meaning –> That’s what I mean / That’s what I meant.

Since 2004, Since 10 years ago = UNFINISHED
From 2010 to 2015 = FINISHED

meet / met / have met

Do you know Ben?
I have never met him. = UNFINISHED, so far, until now. Maybe I will meet him in the future.
I never met him. = FINISHED. Ben is gone. Or dead.

I moved TO Shanghai IN 2004. –> FINISHED
I have lived in Shanghai since 2004. –> UNFINISHED

One of my relatives introduced me to the company I now work for.

I have always wanted to go to Northern Europe.
I have never wanted to go to Africa.

Since 2013, I have travelled but I have never/not joined a tour. Learning English can make my travels easier.