F2F Class notes 29th August (Eddie)

I go to Beijing. – I went to Beijing for a week.

go – went – gone
eat – ate – eaten
drink – drank – drunk
break – broke – broken

high speed train = a train which is faster than regular trains

CHR = China Railway High speed

comfortable adj = something which feels good, such as a chair, sofa, shoes, etc

chair n = a piece of furniture we sit on

furniture – [fur – nih – chure]

noun = hat
adjective = black

The dog was walking slowly.
The dog is slow.

dog = noun
slow = adjective
slowly = adverb adv

I came here two weeks before. – I came here two weeks ago.

I came here one week before (going to Beijing).

I want to go to the airport.

I want to go to the shopping mall. vs I want to go shopping.

I want to go to the gym.

I want to go to the restaurant. [‘res – tow – runt]

airport, restaurant, mall, gym etc = places


I will go to Thailand next month.

AT              5 o’clock, at midnight, noon

ON            Monday, my mother’s birthday, Christmas Day

IN            January, summer, in 2013