F2F Class Notes 29th April (Celeste)

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You’ve never drink smoothies.

I have never had a smoothie.

I have never drunk a smoothie before….TBC

milkshakes – ice cream and milk blended, sometimes with fruit (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry)

vanilla – beans are expensive, however seen as a very plain flavor

you’re vanilla = (usually a playful insult) you’re plain, you’re normal, you’re boring, you’re safe

accquaintance – person you’ve met a few times but not your friend

go to hospital – go to the hospital

buy & sell section – where people can buy and sell things online

bargain shopper

bargain = sale /deal/steal

It was bargain!

I bought it on sale!

I got a deal!

It was a steal!

ladel ( lay dull) – big spoon for serving soups, liquids

dough – when you mix water, flour together

I buy pieces of dough.

I buy the small sheets of dough.  > I buy the dumpling wrappers.

wrappers – to wrap something around the filling

filling – inside of dumplings/ravioli

ravioli  ( rav vee ole ee )- Italian version of dumplings