F2F Class notes 28th June (Christian)

Neglect- To not care about something or someone

eg: I see you have neglected to complete your homework this week

eg It was a beautiful house before, but now it is showing signs of neglect

eg: I neglected to inform you that I would be late, my apologies.

eg You always neglect me when im trying to complain a lot.

You are preaching to the choir= you are telling me something that i already know a lot about.

choir= the people who sing in church

preaching= Talking in depth about a topic in this context- God.

The Vicar = The man who preaches to everyone in Church

aka The preacher

aka= also known as

asap= as soon as possible

lol= laugh out loud

lmao= laughing my ass off

tbf= to be fair

tbh= to be honest

cba= cant be asked/arsed

x = kiss

bff= best friend forever

att= attention

atm= at the moment

omw= on my way

omg= oh my god

archipelago= chain of islands

shawshank redemption= best movie ever

the beach= watch for homework