F2f Class Notes 28th February (Rab)

Gender – if you are male or female
Ex. I often fill many tables and filled the gender part – I have filled a table and there is a gender part in it – often included in questionnaires is a gender section to be filled out
Ex. The cat I met I met in our neighbourhood I guess her gender was female – the gender of the cat in my neighbourhood is female

Domestic abuse – hurting someone in the house, violence in the home
Ex. Domestic abuse can be hard to identify as it happens in the home away from those who can see it

Abortion – to get rid of an unborn child, to stop a pregnancy
Ex. Will you keep the baby or get an abortion

The advisement is about stop pregnant – their advice is about stopping pregnancy

They will missed the good chance the parents help – they might miss the chance to get help from their parents

Tomboy – a girl who behaves quite like a boy

Feminine – the qualities of a female//women
Ex. Her room is very feminine and has soft colours and lots of storage
Ex. He is quite feminine and speaks softly with care and self awareness

Masculine – the qualities of a male/man
Ex. He has very masculine features – strong jawline, broad shoulders
Ex. It is a very masculine space with weights and sports equipment everywhere and lots of sweet and blood

Sleight – thin and narrow body shape, lightweight (uncommon)

The bigger country will be smaller countries – the bigger country will break up into smaller countries

History often repeats itself – the cycles of history
Marx suggested that history is more of a spiral shape