F2F Class Notes 28th August (Jesse)

dreadlocks – zang bian (not zang)

ethnic groups – the 56 groups in China
eg. one of the ethnic groups is “miao”

what? – sorry?

in the past / before = guo qu shi jian

my attitude / way of thinking is open minded but the way i act is traditional –

in my workat work 

insecure – to feel unhappy with yourself in some way
eg. often girls are insecure about their body / looks

manly (adj) / girly / womanly / boyish

fencing – ji jian

jujitsu – “joo jit soo”

range – how far sth can reach
eg. jujitsu is a short range martial arts

– sth that ppl like
eg. confidence is very attractive

I always work overtime until 11PM

commit – v
commitment – n
committed – adj / v

funny – fa nee