F2F Class Notes 28th April (Celeste)

Next class: work on ‘would’ & ‘be/been/done/have been/ have been doing/have been done”

work – noun/verb

ex: I’m going to work.

ex: I’m at work.

ex: I work at this company.

ex: She works for this company.

I have a lot of work / jobs / tasks.

So many sth! = very chinglish

So many people!

So many rain!

So many clouds!

There are so many people.

There are so many people in the subway.

There are so many clouds in the sky.

a lot of sth = English

There are a lot of monkeys in the zoo.

There are a lot of cars on the road.

She wanted to play hide-and-seek.

should – past tense of ‘shall’

ex: I shall go to the market.

ex: I should have gone to the market but I wasn’t able to.

could – past tense of ‘can’

ex: I can go to the market.

ex: I could have gone to the market but I didn’t have time.

ex: Can you help me?

ex: Can you please help me?

ex: Could you please help me?

would – past tense of  ‘will’

I will be there in one hour. – I would be there in one hour but I don’t have time.

I will go in one hour. – I would go in one hour, but my daughter is sick.