F2F Class Notes 28 June (Peter)


Allusion – reference

Ex. In the English language, there are many biblical allusions.

Allude – to reference

Old Testament – the part of the bible before Jesus, in reference to Judaism, this is called the Tanakh. The original language of the Old Testament is Ancient Hebrew.

New Testament – the part of the bible containing Jesus. The original language of the New Testament is Ancient Greek.

Revived – brought back to life

Ex. The Hebrew language was revived in the 20th century and is spoken in modern-day Israel.

Palestine – a country that borders Israel, Jordan, and Egypt. It can also refer to the pre-1948 British Mandate (modern-day Israel).

Turmoil – unrest, 动乱

De facto – in practice

De jure – in law

Zionist – a person who supports the worldwide Jewish movement that resulted in the establishment and development of the state of Israel.

Quran – the holy book of Islam, the original language being Arabic古兰经

Cognate – loanword, a word the comes from another languages

Polyglot – a speaker of several languages (usually four or more)

Ex. Monolingual, Bilingual, Trilingual, Polyglot

Semantics – inner-workings


Palestinian (pal-iss-TIN-yin)