F2F Class Notes 28 Jan (Trista)

From today I will a little free time – starting today I will have a little free time

Most of the restaurants will closed – will be closed / will close

Maybe go to market – the market

Get shopping – go shopping

Tourist attraction – something interesting that people like to go see

Xia jia bang is a famous tourist attraction in Changshu.

Go to US

go the US

Go to America

I plan to Japan or Taiwan

I plan to go to Japan or Tawain

I plan to visit Japan….

Verb – action word

Adjective – describes a noun

Noun – person, place, thing, or idea

Vocabulary – ci hui

I need to increase my vocabulary.

I want to learn more vocabulary terms.

Rowdy (adj) – crazy, wild

The party is really rowdy.

Backyard <> Front yard

I like having parties in the summertime because you can play games outside in the backyard.

Karaoke – KTV (care ee OH kee)

Participate – can jia

I didn’t participate in going to rowdy parties in college.

Tone – yin diao

I usually only go to parties for special occasions such as birthdays, holidays, and weddings.