F2F Class Notes 27th (Rab)

I want to live there for an extended period of time, a prolonged period of time

Uncertain travel date – uncertainty with my travel dates

Continued to shoot five to six hours each – I had to shoot continuously for five to six hours

See you some photos – show you some photos

Patriarchy – a system with men at the top
Ex. We live in a patriarchy and women are often subjugated to lower positions under men

Matriarchy – a system with women at the top
Ex. If we lived under a matriarchy our society would be much more loving and community based

Maternal – on my mother side of the family
Ex. My maternal grandmother is ill
Paternal – on my fathers side of the family
Ex. My paternal grandmother has a lot of new hobbies

Femininity and masculinity – female and male attribute/characteristics
Ex. The whole environment was full of femininity
Ex. The performance oozed masculinity
Ex. We wish to show the femininity of our brand through the color scheme
Ex. They are trying to show off their masculinity by jumping over things and fighting

we pay a lot of attention to these type of events
We take a lot of care with these types of event
We are very attentive to these kind of events

It became a big city in the world – it became a major city in the world

From then
Since then
Ever since that time
From that time

This conception – this concept

Feminism – fem-in-ism – a movement which promotes equality between different genders

Gender – male, female etc

You might have an outsiders point of view
Maybe you will have a combination of perspectives
Your perspective might be a combination of your past experiences of different large cities such as London and Shanghai