F2F Class Notes 27th April (Jesse)

date (n) – the first of May 2016 

date (v) – to go out with a girl, to maybe become bf/gf 

date (n) – a romantic outing with a potential gf/bf

date (n) – an appointment with sb (can be anyone) 

dating = it always means romantic outing / situation with potential bf/gf

eg. i am dating him = we may become bf / gf 

I use English very fewi don’t use English very often

all of the colleague cannot speak English none of… 

economy / economic situation – remember difference in pronunciation 

i am graduated from the SH university I graduated from SH university 

i have a bachelor degree / i am university educated / i have a bachelors 

i want to be employed in ______ (company

students < > workers / office workers / employees / people in the work force / business people

half – “harf” 

have – “hav” – make the “a” like “apple” 

vinegar – cu 

i am evaluating my options 

i am weighing up my options 

searched for _____ / searched _____

eg. I searched linkedin for the company