F2F Class Notes 26th February (Tony) [W]

I only have

I’ve only had 3 lessons


tense – the form of the word depending on time, Past, Present, Future

eg: ” There are three main tenses in English.”

period – between two points in time

eg: “Over a period of two weeks he ate only eggs.”


simple present tense: to explain something that is usually or always done or true

Yes I work on several projects all at once.    (usually done)

He eats eggs for breakfast.       (usually true/done)

Simple past Tense

I worked on 10 projects that week.     (finished)

Present Continuous:      doing something, not a point in time, but over a period of time.

I am having an English lesson.     ( subject + be + V. + ING)

Past Continuous:

I was having an English lesson. My boss called when I was eating breakfast.

Writing exercise

Original –

Actually I’m not very happy last week in my work because my boss assigned me a new project without any information. I was told in the last minute that I have to prepared everything within one month. That is a very urgent time. That means this whole month I need to overwork everyday. I’m already very very busy. The project was assigned to another my colleague in the first time, but in the last time the colleague give up it, and the project was sent to me. I’m upset about my boss. My boss send me this project to me.

Correction – 

Actually I wasn’t very happy last week at work, because my boss assigned a new project to me without any notice. I was told at the last minute that I have to prepare everything within a month. The project is very urgent so this whole month I’ll need to work overtime everyday. I’m already busy and the project was assigned to another colleague at first, but at last he gave it up, and the project was sent to me. I’m a little upset with my boss.