F2F Class Notes 26th August (Raph)

From a total of 180 owners, 118 have been trained. 25 training sessions have been held.
From a total o 190 selected vendors, 142 have been trained. 8 training sessions have been held.
2 VPs have completed the training. 8 VPs are scheduled to complete it before the end of Sept
All of the 14 EAs have been trained. 1 training session has been held.

Sample Questions Raised During the Training
1- When should we start to follow the data labelling guidance?
2- If public clouds are forbidden, how to transfer large files?
3- What is the security auditing process?
4- If confidential information is requested from me, and I do not know wether I should send it out or not, what should I do?
5- How to properly maintain the C3 data/ Data owners / Distribution list, to ensure that the information is always the up to date?

Face-to-Face Training Pics
One-on-One Training

Data Protection Tools & Solutions
Business Requirements – Label documents automatically – Prevent sending out sensitive data to public clouds – Share folder management – Prevent C3 data leaking from unencrypted USBs

IT Solutions – Built-in, one-click labelling tool – Block unauthorized public clouds and use L’Oreal data transferring tool – Analyze & detect suspicious activity and prevent data breaches – Provide encrypted USB devices to data owners

Tools – Labelling tool – Big File transferring tool – Varnish – Encrypted USB